Sunday, May 31, 2009

A kick ass run on a kick ass day

I really need a Garmin. Today’s run was anywhere between 5.8 and 6 miles, but I’m not exactly sure. I ran the outer loop first, but I ran down a road that I THOUGHT was going to take me to the other side of the loop. Instead, I ended up running about what I thought was a 1/4 mile and crossed the street, only to run back to the same place I started, another 1/4 mile out of the way. So that’s an extra 1/2  mile right?
Then I decided not to run the outer loop twice, just the inner loop since the route was so hilly (we’ll get to that later) so that was 1.9 miles. So that’s 2.9 miles for the outer loop, .5 miles for the “off track” run, and another 1.9 miles for the inner loop. However, I also parked my car at the very bottom of the road, which I’d estimate to be about another maybe 1/4 mile…but it could have been a little more…so that would make my run:

2.9 miles for the outer loop
1.9 miles for the inner loop
.5  miles out of the way running on the wrong road
.6 miles running from where I parked and back

About 5.9 miles? Right in the middle.  Anyway, the run took me 1 hour and 47 seconds, which evens out to be about a 10:18 mile. And that sounds about right. This was a challenging run with A LOT of hills. And we’re not just talking slight inclines…I’m talking about an 8 on the incline scale of 1-10. These were hard hills that really kicked my ass and they didn’t seem to end! I’d say half of the run were crazy sets of hills, which is exactly what I needed. I’m hoping the next time I run this to be able to run the outer loop twice.

Here is a picture of me BEFORE this crazy hilly run: (not bad for a cell pic)


So this was me AFTER:


I know how goofy I look…my mouth was open because I couldn’t catch my breath….hahaha (I sprinted the end of my run)
Did I mention how much I love Dennis’ Oakleys? They look silly as hell on me but they stay put when I’m running and do an awesome job protecting my eyes. And they don’t leave you with “raccoon eyes.”
To be honest, Breakheart Reservation is very beautiful and peaceful, so even though I was struggling up those hills, it was a really nice run. And I was truly thinking of Meghann while I was out there, thinking “she’s running a freakin MARATHON right now—I can handle 6 miles of hills….this is nothing compared to that!” It worked. (GO MEGHANN!)

After I caught my breath and stretched a little I ate half of my almond butter and banana sandwich


I ate the other half after I got home and showered, about an hour later.

We hit the grocery store and did some laundry before the hunger really kicked in. This always happens to me—I’ll eat after my run because I know I have to, but I’m not really hungry until about 3 hours later…and by then the hunger is massive. I ate the rest of my leftovers from last night:
1/2 a baked potato with 1tbsp hummus
3 oz or so of BBQ turkey tips
I didn’t show my BBQ sauce, which was Kraft honey BBQ sauce.


And a salad with some feta cheese and fat free croutons.


And about an hour later I had my first piece EVER of key lime pie.


This was pretty damned good. Next time I’ll make it from scratch!

About two hours later I started to get the “on no I’m hungry again” feeling, so I finished off the bag of pretzels (there were only about 1.5 servings left—15 pretzels or so)

And an hour later (right now) I’m feeling hungry again..but I’m going to warm up some peppermint tea to fight the urge. I don’t know—I feel like I’ve eaten enough?

Here is where the “overeating” issue begins. I try to listen to my body but I don’t want to overdo it. I honestly hate counting calories (even though I keep a mental note of how many calories I eat every time I open my mouth) I’ve estimated that I’ve eaten just over 2,000 calories already today so, I’m just about at my limit…if you’re reading this and think I must be crazy please let me know. I could be doing something wrong.

I’m looking into taking a web design course so I can finally start the website for the consulting/freelance business I’ve been wanting to start. Dennis and I have been talking about it and he thinks it’s a good idea for me to learn how to do it on my own—it will be more beneficial to me (and will add to my skill set.) I’m glad he’s supporting me on this. And remember – if ANY of you have advice on this, PLEASE let me know!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!

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