Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm now a twitter-err..

So when my uncle told me he was on Twitter, I realized I needed to step up to the plate. After a few simple steps and a little bit of playing around, I figured things out and now can be found on

It's going to be a hot day today folks. I have some errands to run, tons of writing to do, and I reserved my spot for a 6:30 spinning class tonight so I'm all set.

Breakfast: You guessed it!

My yummy new favorite oatmeal pancake.
I was thinking about going back to regular oats today but it's too hot. Maybe tomorrow...ha

Starting next Tuesday I will be doing some freelance work at Harvard University. I'll be running around their campus from 9-5 everyday for a 6 week project thanks to my former classmate and neighbor who owns a consulting business. She knew my situation and asked if I'd be willing to help her out and I said, "why SURE!" How could I turn down playing at Harvard in the summer time? So I'm trying to get in all of my "errand running" and "friend visiting" before the contract starts.

Enjoy your day!

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