Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I’m Rick James Bitch

I’ll admit--being back on a “regular” schedule was tough for me…but only because I didn’t know what to expect. I had an oatmeal pancake for breakfast at around 8:30 since I had plans to meet my neighbors at 9...which meant I had to eat fast.


Normally I eat my breakfast, drink my coffee, read over my emails and go through my “To Do” list of the day…this has been my schedule for the past 5 years since I’ve always eaten my breakfast at work. But when I have to rush out of the house I can’t really enjoy myself, so that kind of sucked.

And I got hungry SUPER EARLY! By 10:30 I was already grumbling! I think my run from yesterday caught up to me this morning!

We went to a place called Charlie’s Kitchen for lunch.


I had a chicken ceasar salad with croutons and I ate the whole thing.


It was good but it gave me TERRIBLE heartburn.

At around 3, I had a Clif bar. (White chocolate almond…yum) and when I got home at 5:30 I ate an almond butter and banana sammie on a mini whole wheat pita before running to the gym for my 6:30 spin class.

The class was great but my knee was bothering me really bad…I had to take it easy, which kind of sucked because this, so far, was the best instructor yet. There were a lot of hills which I LOVE, but my knee felt very weak so I had to hold back. I usually take one full day off from exercise after my long run to give my knee a break but tomorrow and Thursday are going to be tough for me to get to the gym so I wanted to ensure I get a good workout in today. I thought spinning would be a good choice but I know tomorrow – even if I do have time – I have to take the day off.

After the gym I had the last of my KERF pasta sauce…and the last (Finally!) of my truffle.

1.5 cups pasta, sauce, and about an ounce of goat cheese….no tofu this time. It was too much for me.

The last of the completely un-photogenic truffle

Peppermint tea

And I forgot to take a picture since I was kind of hoping I saved the one from Sunday…it was the same exact portion on the same exact plate. Sorry folks, I’m slacking today.

Ok and now we’re watching some show about the Top 50 Funniest Catch phrases …. and I seriously think “I’m Rick James Bitch” should be one of them. However, I’m pretty sure it won’t be, so I’m dedicating my post to you, Rick James, Dave Chappelle, OK, Rick James…(Or Charlie Murphy?)

Have a great night everyone. Coming soon---nice pics of the Hahavad Yahd…

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