Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hotel time

I love staying in hotels. You kind of feel like you're extra special sleeping in a nice, comfy bed with extra fluffy pillows and feather-top mattresses. And you can't go to a hotel without having a drink (or two) at the hotel bar.
We stayed at the Sheraton in Mahwah, NJ for a business trip Sunday night. I actually went along for the ride, but was glad I did since I was able to see my sister, nephew Frankie (16) and nieces Bianca (12) and Corinne (2).

I hate that he's taller than me now!! :)

And it seems like she might be taller than me too at some point...

I also was able to spend a wonderful evening with my aunt and uncle who live 20 minutes from Mahwah.

Honestly, I forgot to take pictures of my meals on Sunday. I wrote everything down though!

Sunday breakfast: Oatmeal pancake, vanilla Chobani, PB (this will be appearing a lot since it's now my new favorite breakfast)

Snack on the way down to Middletown NY to see my sister: One Walnut raisin Clif bar, one apple, water

Lunch: (which was actually Dinner) A small salad, a normal sized amount of baked ziti (the size of a small appetizer plate) and a piece of bread.

Dinner (about 3 1/2 hours at 8:30 pm) Dennis and I were a little hungry so we headed to the hotel bar for a drink and appetizer. While watching the Celtics game we split chicken quesadillas (two triangles each). I ordered a warm cookie basket with five warm chocolate chip cookies (I only ate half of one. I should have known they wouldn't be as good as mine!) and I also had about 1/4 of Dennis' NY style cheesecake. And a glass of Pinot Nior.

We planned on watching the whole game but the Celtics were getting blown out and we were beat, so we ended up passing out at around 11.

Monday morning....I woke up ready to go to the gym. I wanted to get in a good high cardio workout because I knew we'd be meeting up with my aunt and uncle for dinner and then sitting in the car for 3 1/2 hours so we went to the hotel's breakfast buffet and got some food to go ($18 for one buffet??) I got a whole wheat bagel, a banana, some fruit and one tbsp worth of PB.

I ate the bagel before the gym, the fruit after.

At the gym I did a 30 minute sprint session on the treadmill and lifted for about 20 minutes (squats, lunges, arm raises, biceps, and triceps)

Then I walked around a local mall until Dennis was done with his meeting.
I could have gone and spent the day with my aunt and unlce, picked Dennis up, and then go out to dinner, but I wanted to walk around the mall and get some more exercise since again, I knew I'd be eating out and sitting in the car for 3 1/2 hours.
I actually had some things I needed to get anyway, so it worked out well.
I killed 3 hours at the mall like it was 20 minutes. I just browsed and chatted on the phone with my sister. At around 3:00 I got a small skinny latte and nibbled on a Quaker oatmeal granola bar.

By 5:30 we were sitting at the Ivy Cafe in Pomona, NY eating dinner with the fam.

My food was fabulous! I ordered salmon and a side of sweet potato. It came with a salad (with oil and vinegar on the side) and a dessert (brownie with vanilla ice cream)


This picture does not show you how huge this half a baked potato was. It was Ginormous.

And the brownie with ice cream. Somehow this picture got turned while I was dragging it down. Too much effort for me to re-upload it. Sorry.

Again I'm having a hard time photographing my food. It was too dark in the restaurant to leave the flash off, but the flash made it too white. I'll have to figure it out.

After dinner we drove back home to Boston. It was a nice short and sweet trip, and I was happy to see everyone.

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