Saturday, May 9, 2009

Too many bananas? And another birthday wish...

Although I didn't think we did too much at yoga yesterday, I woke up a little sore in the legs (which I knew would happen because they were bothering me when I left) but also in the hips and back. Nothing major, just enough to notice.

For dinner last night I decided on a chicken Cesar wrap (we tend to order in on Fridays) and ate the smaller half with a glass of red wine. After waiting about 40 minutes I was still not satisfied, so I decided to eat the other half as a salad, ditching the wrap part to save on the calories. After that I was a little full but not satisfied. Huh? What was I missing? Bread? Sweet? No I had wine!
I had a piece of dark chocolate and figured that should hold me over...but I STILL wasn't satisfied and I couldn't figure out why.

(The only picture of the night I remembered to take. Sad, I know. I'll get better with it.)

I waited another hour or so before I decided to try a snack I saw on Jenna's site...I sliced a banana in half lengthwise and put some PB in between, then squished them back together and had a raw PB and banana sandwich! It was awesome! I didn't miss the bread at all! And it surprisingly was exactly what I completely satisfied my hunger/craving/whatever it was that was bothering me.

This morning I had my regular bowl of oats and started wondering if I'm eating too many bananas. I mean, bananas are fruit, it's a natural sugar and they're good for you. But they have a very high sugar content and I wonder if I'm eating too many.

I mean, I realize too much of ANYTHING can be bad but ... bananas?
I usually eat about 1 whole banana a day: 1/2 in my oats and the other half usually gets thrown into some kind of yogurt/granola mix or a bowl of cereal...or a PBB sammie. Sometimes I don't even eat the second half. But yesterday I ate1.5.

Regardless, I eat bananas every day. It is the one constant fruit in my life. I'll have to do more research on this one.

On another note, May is filled with a freakish amount of birthdays amongst my friends and family. Today is my nephew Frankie's 16th birthday.
Holy crap I can remember when he was BORN. I mean, literally. He was the first grandchild so the fact that he's 16 KILLS me. Wow.
I won't get to see him for at least another few weeks (He lives in Middletown, NY) but I wish him the happiest, healthiest, and safest 16th birthday. I love you Frankie!!

OK. I am debating on whether or not to run my 8 miles today or tomorrow. It's supposed to be really windy tomorrow (they say up to 40 MPH winds) and since I will be running the Charles, I'm sure I'd be getting blown away. But I really want to get into that pool at the gym!!
We'll see

Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

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