Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Dinnah

This was by far the best batch of mussels in white wine sauce Dennis has made yet. He forgot to make the pasta so we just ate the mussels with french bread with garlic, butter and Parmesan cheese roasted under the broiler. Needless to say I ate my face off and did not once think about counting how many pieces of bread or mussels I ate. Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!

Look at this humongo bowl of mussels! We didn't eat them all but we came close! (although we did have to throw quite a few of them away since they didn't open)

And a glass of the Pinot Grigio Dennis made the mussels with. I poured another glass to drink after dinner but I couldn't even drink half of it.

After dinner we promptly had cake.

I had a hard time frosting it. I made a major mess but it was still really good!
I LOVE homemade cream cheese makes any cake taste good!

Oh and I felt obligated to tell you that I forgot to add some eats to my earlier post.
As a pre-workout snack I had:

One slice of Sesame Ezekiel bread with a tbsp raw almond butter
One Medjool date with a slather of raw almond butter--and now I know why you guys like these so much. Eating the date alone didn't do it for me but with the nut butter--sooo good. I'm sold.

Anyway, I received a lot of happy birthday phone calls, texts, emails and Facebook posts...thanks to all of you for thinking of me. All in all it was a great day. My dinner was awesome...Dennis did an awesome job!!

And tell me why I'm hungry after all the food I ate?? Even though it was 4 1/2 hours ago...I honestly was so stuffed that I didn't think I'd need to eat again. I'm going to drink some peppermint tea in the hopes that will get rid of my "hunger." If not, I'll let you know what I ate tomorrow.

Have a good night all!!

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