Monday, June 1, 2009

Feeling like garbage

Ugh. There’s no other way to describe how I feel today. It was a nice day and it started out well, but some crappy news and a piece of salmon ruined it for me. As we speak, I’m sipping on my fourth cup of peppermint tea in three hours.

As some of you may know, being laid off in this economy is becoming quite the trend. Finding a job right now is like (here is the simile) finding a needle in a haystack (wow I just went 7th grade on your asses!) Really, finding a job in any circumstance sucks because of all the time consuming, tiring, frustrating, pesky little steps that come along with it:

Rewriting your resume
Rewriting your coverletter
Rewriting your coverletter AGAIN for every job you apply to
Interviewing !!! I hate interviews. They’re kind of like SATs to me. They’re so generic and you’re expected to be judged on how well you can react to the same format as Joe Shmo next to you. I’m actually not a bad interviewer because I’m really good with people (well, MOST people) but every once in a while you get those people who ask the dumbest questions….and make you take “personality tests” and Spelling and grammar tests!! (such as at my very first newspaper job where it was determined how horrible my spelling was without spell check)

So when you finally get to the point in the process where all you’re waiting for is the OFFER that you KNOW is coming, it’s pretty disappointing when that doesn’t happen. Another, “You’re great and we REALLY liked you, BUT…..we can’t offer you this position…”

Really? Well why the hell not?

To get my head out of the funk, Dennis and I decided to get lunch at the oldest restaurant in town. The Union Oyster House.

IMG_1813 (wow our pictures look pretty darned professional ay?)

As their Website says:
The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in Boston and the oldest restaurant in continuous service in the U.S. — the doors have always been open to diners since 1826.

Since we hadn’t been to this landmark yet we decided to give it a shot.

Now I’m not sure The Union Oyster House police are going to be out there reading about this but I was not impressed. Our server was very nice but our hostess was cranky and I was disappointed with my food. (Sidenote: Dennis ordered a crab cake sandwich and it was pretty good, so it could have been just my experience)
I ordered one of today’s specials which was some kind of  (I can’t remember if it said baked, broiled, or seared)salmon salad….served on a bed of greens with asparagus and tomatoes. We also ordered a cup of Clam Chowdah because, well, we live in Boston.


Don’t mind the picture. It is really dark inside this restaurant and I wanted to show how dark it was by posting this picture.

The chowder was very good. We both enjoyed it. But my salmon was greasy and breaded…not what I expected.

I asked our server (again, who was very nice) if it was fried since it certainly looked like it was, and she said it was breaded, placed on a pan with olive oil to sear it, then baked.

OK, I can handle that.

But it was pretty greasy. And since we spent nearly $18 on it, I was determined to eat it. Dammit.


I ate all of the asparagus, one of the tomato halves, and most of the salmon (it was about a 4 oz size which I thought was perfect) I didn’t use very much of the dressing because I squeezed both lemon pieces over everything, so the dressing wasn’t necessary. And I barely ate the greens. I really wasn’t feeling it after finishing the salmon.

About 5 minutes after we left, I was already feeling sick. It was that kind of “OMG I’m going to pass out” feeling: a chills, feverish, needing to lay down and sleep right now kind of feeling. We had a few errands to run so I sucked it up, but I’ve been feeling like garbage ever since. I honestly don’t think I’ll be ordering salmon for a while…which sucks because I love it. Oh well. I think the problem is seriously that I can’t handle greasy food anymore. Fried foods or even oily Italian dishes like shrimp scampi (which I also happen to love) make me very sick.  And so do dishes with too many greens (which, again, I LOVE)…I get very bloated and gassy.

We actually walked a lot today—I’d say about 4 miles or so—just running errands and taking more pictures. Today is usually my day off since I run hard on Sundays, but I don’t think I overdid it at all with the walking. I honestly could walk for days and have it not phase me (well, with the right shoes on).

I can’t keep my eyes open anymore!!

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