Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sometimes all you really need is a hot bubble bath…

First and foremost---Happy Anniversary to US!

It was five years ago today that Dennis and I went out on our first date. It was also my best friend Shylo’s birthday (Happy Birthday Shylo!!) We have been through A LOT in these five years and although not every day has been picture perfect (who’s is?)  I couldn’t ask for a better guy. 


IMG_1180 dennis and me @ the house 

us at cookie's

I had another long day today. In a nutshell, I have been “shadowing” my neighbors’ consulting company to see if I would enjoy running one of my own. Theirs focuses a lot on IT and technical issues, which is what I’ve been learning about these past few days. It’s been very interesting but very draining, since I’m not a technical person at all. Although learning how to install software and get inside a computer is extremely beneficial, it’s so out of my element and it stresses me out.

However, since I have IT copywriting experience (for about a year) I understand a lot more than I realized I did. But I'm not one to do more than just write about it.

Today was a crazy day, people in and out and no room for a break. I made overnight oats for breakfast and took it with me and was SURE to eat it in the car on the way over (I wasn’t driving)

I used

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup TJ’s 2% Greek yogurt
  • 1 whole banana
  • 1 tbsp crunchy Teddie PB

I ate this at 7 a.m. By 11, I was starving so I cracked into my Clif bar. I figured I’d eat half then and half as my afternoon snack since lunch was coming up soon….well…not such luck. By 2 p.m., we were just winding down and the idea of lunch had come and gone. I was so grumpy, so exhausted, and really just plain old pissed off that I decided I just wanted to go home rather than go grab something to eat.

Needless to say this ruined my entire day. I didn’t get home until almost 4 and was so hungry that I really couldn’t get full. I ate:

The same sandwich as last night—2 pieces of Sesame Ezekiel bread, 2 slices of Swiss cheese, about 1.5 tbsp. garlic hummus, and two slices of onion.  On the side I had some steamed asparagus, tomatoes and carrots.

IMG_1527 IMG_1530


After I ate this, I passed out. I fell asleep sitting straight up on the couch for about a half hour. (Seriously.)

I woke up at around 5:15 and still felt hungry. So I made the same dessert as last night too:

  • 1/2 cup TJ’s 2% Greek yogurt
  • 2 crushed up graham crackers
  • a handful of blackberries

It was really good, but again, it wasn’t enough. However, I didn’t want to keep eating so I forced myself to clean up the kitchen and play with the kitties before eating anything else. I had signed up for a 6:30 spinning class but honestly, I was so tired that I felt like I would be doing more damage than good. I’ve been on the go all week, I’ve been working on 6 hours sleep the last two nights (just can’t get to sleep!) and I honestly felt like I should stay home. And I’m OK with that. Not going to the gym doesn’t mean my day has been ruined. I mean, I workout to enjoy it and if I’m forcing myself to go, then what’s the point? It is very rare for me NOT to work out, so when I don’t go, it’s usually for a reason.

So what did I do instead? You guessed it. I took a much needed bath.

We have a kick-ass claw foot tub that I never use. I really like it but I’m about a foot too short for it so I can’t lay back and relax, which kind of sucks. But it’s still nice to get into a really hot bath and just soak. And we have this really great bubble bath from Bath and Body works that smells heavenly and makes lots of nice bubbles.


I spent about a 1/2 hour in the tub and just let myself relax…and think…and listen to music (I would read but again, I’m too short so I sink) When I got out, SURPRISE!  I was still hungry….so I had about 2 handfuls of my favorite Honey Wheat pretzels and TJ’s peppermint tea. I think I’m finally done eating.


I knew what my body needed and it was rest.

I will admit, I was a little pissed that my eating pattern got so screwed up today because I feel like I ended up eating more than I would have if I ate normally. But guess what? Shit happens. Not every day is going to allow for an ideal eating day, time restrictions keep you from eating what and when you like sometimes and you just kind of have to deal with that.

I’m only saying this because I feel like since I’ve been writing this blog that people in my life are expecting to see me eat only “Twigs and sprouts” and act surprised when I eat a cookie or a piece of cake (even though I eat at least one sweet thing – if not two -- every day!) I am human you know!!!

OK I’m done … some days I’m not Lil Miss Sunshine, but since I dedicated myself to this blog, I think it’s safe to write about the not so happy days too. (And yeah we really need some sun here!)

So I’ve been really considering running a business of my own, but it’s very scary to think about. I have a strong journalism/marketing background so I’ve been thinking about freelancing/consulting out my services, but we’re in limbo right now so I’m not even sure where we’re going to be living in the next few months. Do any of you have experience with running your own business? Do you have any tips or advice for someone who is considering running a business of their own?

OK I honestly think I’m going to bed. It’s only 8:30…haha Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday….

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