Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trying to figure out where I fit in the blog world

I know it takes some time to build up your readership when you start blogging, but this is not something I'm used to.
I come from a journalism background where I wrote for daily newspapers for five years. I got instant gratification by immediately receiving feedback from my articles. Granted, they weren't always positive, but they were something to let me know that people are reading.
Now I'm in a different boat where I have to gain the approval of the people in the blog world and well, it's been kind of tough for me to be patient.

So I'm trying to figure out exactly where and how I fit.
I'm a writer at heart. It is one of my top and true passions. So I figured, why not combine my passions and start this blog?

But I'm feeling like I need to find a way to be different. To stand out. To make people WANT to read. And maybe just telling my daily life story isn't cutting it.

I'm going to continue writing about my workouts and eats, but I'm going to take a step back to really think about what makes me ME and what makes this blog worth reading. Stay tuned because I might have some tricks up my sleeve sooner than later.

And if you are out there reading and you'd like to let me know what you'd like to see, drop me a line at

Thanks for all of those who are reading and thanks for the bloggers out there who continue to inspire me everyday.

By the way, road bikes are expensive! Many of you already know this but I've been doing some research because I really would like to buy one. I've never owned a bike other than my hand-me-down pink Huffy, and I've always ALWAYS wanted one. I'd like to try to get one by the end of the summer, even though I won't get to ride it much, but I know I have to be realistic about making such a big purchase. I found this one and I really like it. If I buy one for fitness, will it still be a good bike to use in races?

I'm skipping my food portion today since I've been kind of feeling crappy today and not in the mood for photographing my food...but it looked something like this:

  • Overnight oats for breakfast
  • 1/2 banana and raw almond butter for snack
  • green monster for post workout fuel
  • apple
  • two pieces of dark chocolate
  • last night's leftovers without the tortilla
  • last night's dessert (even better on day 2)
  • a Sam Adams Imperial Stout (so good and just what I needed)
And I really did have an awesome workout today...tons of cardio and ab work, all as a cross training day.
I am meeting a friend from home for breakfast tomorrow since she and her boyfriend are in town watching the Mets/Sox game at Fenway. I plan on running 8.1 miles around the Charles tomorrow but it depends on how sore I am from today...if not I can always do it Monday!

Until then, I'm off...

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  1. hey! i have some tips/comments.

    just because people dont comment doesnt mean people aren't reading. i read your blog :) but i dont always comment. do you have a hit counter installed?

    also (and this is just my personal opinion), i started with this same blog background when i began and then a friend pointed out that the blogs i liked to read were cleaner, lighter, and less cluttered. i changed my format and my readership when up. appearance is a lot!

    lastly, i think you are doing a great job, and you're right, it does take a loooong time to gain a readship. you've only been blogging since april, so stick to it! i think you have a fun voice and a lot to say.

    oh and i bought my $1400 road bike USED for $350. you cant even get an entry-level road bike new for $350! so definitely look for a used one.