Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy birthday Ava!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my niece Ava!! She had 3 candles on her cake today!! (that's what she told me anyway--and what about one for good luck??)

Unfortunately this is the most recent picture I have on my camera of her...this was from last summer when she and my sister came to visit us. This was at the Boston Public Garden.

My mom and I three way'd her to say Happy Birthday and she cracked us up the entire time. My nephew from my other sister turns 16 on THAT's scary!

Dinner consisted of my regular salad
Baby carrots
Garlic powder and dried oregano
White balsamic, olive oil
Except I ran out of tomatoes....booooo!! It was still good though. I never take pics of the salad because I usually start eating it before I remember. I'll try to remember next time!

After the salad I made one of KERF's bean burgers...God I love these things! I swear I could eat them everyday! Here is the recipe. She doesn't like onions but I do, so I used the basic bean and WW flour base with some Worcestershire, salt and pepper, chopped onions, chopped carrots, and garlic powder. I toasted up some Ezekiel bread and topped it with Swiss and spinach. So good. This dinner actually left me full for a while, and I only had a craving for a few Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Honey Pretzel sticks and a square of 70% Cacao dark chocolate. Oh, and a small glass of Love My Goat.

Close up!

I made plans to meet my good friend Reba at 11:30 guessed it! A Yoga class! I decided if I make plans to go with someone I'll stick with it. I just hope it's worth the $20 I have to pay for a 2 week trial at her gym so I can go...

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