Thursday, May 14, 2009

Could the treadmill be the problem?

I went back to the gym ready and anxious to get in my first run in my 30s (I might go overboard with this today but it's so hard to believe that I'm freakin 30)
I figured maybe Tuesday's run was a fluke...I wasn't all with it...but today I'm psyched and ready to go!
I used the same treadmill as last time and I feel like running on this treadmill is harder than any other treadmill I've run on...and harder than running outside. Actually this has happened to me before with this brand of treadmill--the Nautilus ones. I feel like I'm constantly running on a 3% incline.
I remember specifically on a business trip to Anaheim a few months ago feeling the same way...wondering why I was having such a hard time with my runs...was it because I was in a different state or something? Maybe the air quality was different?
But it was the same brand treadmill.
Every time I run on the treadmill is on a 1% incline. I am always sure to put it at least at 1% just to be sure I'm getting some kind of resistance. But these two runs have been crap...not even enjoyable.

I ran 3 miles today in 28 minutes. And when I say I almost didn't make it past 2 miles, I mean it.

So could it really be the treadmill?

I'll try another brand of treadmill next week and I'm going to keep my "long" run shorter than normal this week to see if that's part of the problem too.

So my birthday workout looked something like this:
3 miles 28:01
TONS of ab work. I used a 14 pound "ab" ball to do ab rotations
Touch your toes diagonally 20 times each
And a ton of crunches on the stability ball with the 14 pound ab ball. (it's basically a ball with handles on the side)
3 sets of lunges on the stability trainer with 17.5 pound weights in both hands
3 sets of arm raises/squats with 15 pound weights (like in the 3o Day Shred DVD)

Total time: 48 minutes. No idea how many calories I burned since I don't have one of those Garmins...but good news..I got some birthday money and I think I'm going to use it toward one. WOO HOO

After my workout and a shower I had a salad and 6 saltines with peppermint tea. Now I'll just have to wait and be patient for my dinner, homemade by Dennis:

Whole wheat linguini with mussels in a white wine garlic sauce
Devils Food chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting (He made the cake on his own, but I'll make the frosting since I hate store bought frosting)

Until dinner....

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  1. I have a couple comments regarding your plateau. I remember back when I was getting myself in shape to leave for basic training and was basically running on the same track and same distance every time I ran. Someone finally told me that if I didn't mix things up that I was going to plateau. So I mixed up how many miles I ran each time, what time of day I ran, and also mixed in wind sprints. I guess that was to keep my body from adjusting to my routine. I can say it definitely worked because I got myself in the best shape of my life, which definitely made life easier for me in basic training. I don't know anything about the various treadmills so I can't comment on whether your problem is with the treadmill or not. Maybe it's because you need to mix up your workout a bit more, maybe because you're bored with the workout, maybe because of stress you're under. To use my Army experience as an example again, shortly after I graduated basic training and moved onto AIT I began to struggle with finishing my runs. I went from not even being out of breath after 5 mile runs to falling out after running just a mile or two. That happened because in AIT I was training in my MOS, which was light wheeled vehicle mechanic. It was a highly stressful environment because I didn't know squat about how to be a mechanic. Well, first of all, I'm a perfectionist so I put alot of pressure on myself. However, I also lived in an environment where there were drill sargeants on you constantly and then at school the teachers (sargeants/staff sargeants/etc) treated you like crap. Therefore, the stress I was under created underlying anxiety, which in turn sabatoged my runs. My body and my mind were fried. So, I guess what I'm saying is that there could be a variety of factors contributing to your plateau. You sound like you're eating healthy so it's not that. Once things settle down for you and Dennis you should definitely consider going to a doctor and having a physical done just to rule out anything medical.