Thursday, June 11, 2009


I’m waiting patiently for summer (or even spring) to return. It’s been cloudy,dreary, rainy, and in the 50s all week. Bleh.

This morning I wasn’t feeling that great so I skipped the gym. My stomach (still!) was NOT RIGHT so I figured taking the day to recover was the right answer. I don’t feel nauseous or anything; I still have an appetite. My digestion is off and it’s making me feel … well, not right. Plus, the humid air makes my head funky so I’ve had some equilibrium issues too, which might be a contributing factor to my stomach issues? Who the heck knows.
But this, ladies and gentlemen, does not keep me from eating.


Egg white French toast.

IMG_1945 IMG_1946
Of course I had PB and 0% Greek plain yogurt on the side for dipping. I also sliced up an apple too but I got super full from the FT so I put it away for later. (Surprisingly it was still good when I got home)

I didn’t have coffee this morning since I thought it would be bad for the belly. I sipped on Yerba Mate tea all day (I’m drinking  peppermint as I type) since I had an entire bag of it in my purse. 

I had an apple with a Tbsp of PB for a mid morning snack and a serving size (one cup) of Amy’s organic mac n cheese for lunch.


I grilled up a small Portobello mushroom cap in olive oil and garlic and some spinach to add to the pasta.


Along with this I had a 100 calorie pack of Oreo crisps. (I forgot my camera on the dining room table this morning! UGH!)

As a mid-day snack I had an almond butter on raisin Ezekiel bread sammie.

When I got home I ate the rest of my apple from this morning and then I passed out for an hour. I was BEAT! I’ve been running around a lot lately and on top of my stomach and head being off I just needed to take a nap!!

At around 6:30, I was craving more cheese! So I had a Swiss, hummus, and tomato grilled cheese on sesame Ezekiel bread.


I like it better with the onions, but it was just what I needed.

And then, I had the sudden craving for S’mores! I raided the cupboard for marshmallows and couldn’t find any (darn!) However, I DID find Nutella!! So I spread some on a graham cracker and was in heaven.

IMG_1950 IMG_1953

Times two…there was no way I wasn’t going back for seconds!!
I’ve written about my love for Nutella before, but I can not stress how much I love this stuff. I hide it in my cupboards so that when I’m searching for something I can be surprised by it. It makes it that much better. (is that strange?)

So happy tomorrow is Friday! The sun is supposed to show its face again this weekend so I’m looking forward to getting out and doing some more local exploring!

Does anyone have any suggestions from their experience of race training?

My 15K is in 30 days! I’m so excited! However, I’m wondering what I should be focusing on for these next four weeks to be sure I’m ready for the run July 12.  Any suggestions??

Have a great night!

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