Monday, June 22, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays….

I was determined to run this morning. After taking a break on Saturday and having to trade my long run in for a 90 minute yoga session (which really kicked my ass) I knew today was going to be a good one. I jumped out of bed at 5:50 and was relieved not to hear the pounding of rain that we’ve been waking up to for the past 30 out of 35 days.
Eureka! I can RUN!
Well, even though there were no loud and pounding rain drops, it was still raining. But I was up, dressed, and said Screw it. I’m going.
It was a nice run actually, better than I’ve had in a while. It was quiet—I saw only a handful of people. And the rain was a light, misty rain that actually felt nice when it hit my face. I didn’t get soaked either…it was overall a great way to start my day.


We all know I don’t have a Garmin yet, so I have to estimate. Just from the knowledge of my body and this neighborhood, I’d say I ran just about 3.1 miles in 29:27. Not too bad for a wet Monday morning run!

I have less than 3 weeks until my 15K so I need to kick ass this week. I hear you should take it easy the week before your run so I’m going to crank out the miles this week (as much as I can) and then see how next week goes.

I’m also determined not to miss my train today. I want to share my humiliating yoga experience with you all but that’s going to have to wait until later.


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