Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh how I love to hate you

Being snowed makes me sleepy, lazy, semi-depressed, and hungry. Well, not so much hungry as bored, which makes me want to eat. But today I needed to break out of my rut because I was starting to get cranky.

That’s when I remembered my old friend Jillian and her crazy ass 30 Day Shred.


I spent 20 minutes listening to her talk in her forceful but encouraging way, doing pushups, jumping jacks, static lunges, and everything else that I can’t seem to remember. Every time I do her workouts, it’s like I block it out when I’m done.

Yeah, she’s that good. And bad at the same time. That bitch. (sorry sorry I still love you!)

After hangin with Jillian, I realized I must have not recovered from my fall last week because my knees are still bruised (I couldn’t do girl push-ups because of it) my shoulder felt a little weird, and my back really F-ing hurts. But, overall, the workout put me in a much better mood and I didn’t feel like a big waste of space.

Oh, and remember that kick-ass loaf of bread I made yesterday with my neighbor Sue? Oh yeahhh check out my breakfast.



Damn was this good. (and now that I think about it, I should have cleaned off those crumbs…)

I cooked one whole egg and one egg white, topped it with a slice of Provolone cheese, and placed it on 2 slices of toasted homemade honey wheat bread. YUM.

I decided that since this bread is fresh and probably won’t last long that I should probably freeze it. I sliced it up, wrapped it in wax paper, put it in a gallon size zipper freezer bag and hopefully it will stay fresh.

I’m trying to change up my breakfasts but honestly, it’s either oatmeal or eggs. Or my Heabified pancakes. I normally don’t have time for eggs but I need to try something different. What can I make at work that’s quick, easy, filling, and good for me? I’m talking something I can put in the microwave…or maybe make the night before that will reheat well?

So it’s back to work tomorrow after being home for almost a full week straight. Good thing we have a three day weekend coming up to recover from this mess!

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