Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh nuts

I love learning new things about the food I eat. I feel like I’m the one always talking to someone about eating whole foods or how much Ulcerative Colitis has changed our lives. So today, when I needed a little mid-morning boost, I was relieved to hear someone who thinks just like me.

Long story short, there’s a locally owned coffee shop where I work, and the owners are really cool people. They’re from Western Mass, so we immediately clicked when I told them I moved here from Boston this past fall. Anyway, today I was talking about my obsession with Teddie Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter, how I can’t find it here  (I’ve been making due with the Trader Joe’s brand) and how I can go through a jar in 2 weeks.

The response?

“Dude-peanuts are like the McDonald’s of nuts. Seriously. Have you ever had almond butter?”

This statement made me laugh out loud. It was so unexpected, and honestly, I never really looked at it this way before.

Think about it—every time I've eaten mixed nuts, I’ve eaten AROUND the peanuts. When I buy nuts, I usually buy almonds or walnuts, but not peanuts. Peanuts are so cheap compared to the other nuts I buy. But why am I so obsessed with peanut butter?

So we looked up their nutritional values. What I found was that they are both pretty damn good for you, but in different ways.


food chart peanuts


Almonds food chart

I actually found a ton of info on the World’s Healthiest Foods website about both Peanuts and Almonds and each have awesome health benefits.

What’s your preference?

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  1. Peanuts. Honey roasted. Almonds be damned.