Saturday, February 13, 2010

7 miles before the show

I love when I go to the gym with no set intentions. Sometimes I need to have a set goal to keep me in check, but other days I just like to improvise. So that’s exactly what I did today.

I warmed up on the elliptical with 2 miles in 21 minutes. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to feel today, especially after this long week of being snowed in, so I thought, ‘I’ll start out slow and see how long I go.’

I jumped on the treadmill and got right to work, banging out 5 miles in 45 minutes. I was only going to run a 5K but I felt so good that I just kept on going. It was a good feeling to know that I still have some good endurance left after being trapped inside during this crazy winter. However, as much as I am excited to report that my hip felt OK, I had to come home and ice my foot. Blasphemy.

On to the show:

Furthur 2010-winter-tour-01

Furthur is playing at the Patriot Center tonight in Fairfax.

Although I’m not the Dead Head per se (that would be D-you should see the collection of live Dead shows we have here) I do enjoy live music and going to shows. The vibe at these shows is amazing, and I can’t get enough of watching my hippy friends dance! I’ll be sure to have a beer for all of you.

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