Saturday, February 6, 2010

New England or Virginia?

One of the reasons why I was excited to move to the DC area was milder winters. As long as I’ve been alive, I’ve lived in the northeast, and every winter I say “I’m moving south!” or “I need to move to the desert!” Now I know that northern Virginia still gets cold, but I didn’t expect this!




This one dumped around 2 feet of snow on us! I wanted to go for a walk and grab a cup of coffee to enjoy the weather but it so bad outside that I didn’t want to get hit by a car (the sidewalks weren’t clear.) And I tried calling the local cafes and Starbucks and they were all closed, so I was stuck on the couch.  At least we have a shovel this time!

Instead of being angry at Mother Nature, I decided to play around in the kitchen.

First up: Breakfast


OK the picture is a little deceiving, but I made a kick ass omelet with stir fry veggies, provolone cheese and leftover mini potatoes from dinner a few days ago.

I used 2 eggs and one egg whites and a ton of veggies. It was SO.GOOD. Oh, and I like ketchup on my eggs. I know, some people think it’s gross, but it’s just how I roll.

The Stir fry veggie theme continued into lunch with another one of my new loves: Coconut butter. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven it’s so good.


I took some fresh stir fry veggies, steamed them and placed them on some cooked brown rice with a dollop of Coconut butter. YUM!!!


After lunch I tried to shovel my car out. BAD idea. I spent 2 hours out there and all I did was re-hurt my shoulder. Maybe I’ll attempt more shoveling tomorrow. Stupid snow!

Tomorrow we’re making a kick ass Superbowl spread. Stay tuned.

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  1. I hope you're ready for the additional snow we're getting tomorrow! I just had sushi delivered and gorged myself. I'd call it a good night...