Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trying to find my peace

This week flew by me before I had the chance to blink. Between work, a college friend in town for work and the purchase of a new vehicle, we had something going on every single night this week and I didn’t even realize how tired I was until last night.

First-we’ll touch on my quad. I took this week off from running (I pulled my quad last week playing soccer,) but I was sure to get lots of walking and some elliptical training in. However, I thought lunges with 5 pound weights would be a good idea. After about the 3rd lunge, I felt my quad start to pull again … so I immediately stopped, put the weights down, stretched and headed for the showers. The last thing I need is to be out of commission for 6 more weeks. I’ve actually been enjoying the walks. I thought I’d be itching to get out and run but I haven’t. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been so busy or what, but I’ve been squeezing in either hour long speed walks or quick half-hour elliptical/lifting sessions on my lunch break. I’ve enjoyed the switch to lunch-hour workouts because it breaks up my day. I find I have more energy at the end of the day than I normally do, and that’s honestly when I need it most.

I made some interesting recipes this week, including a Bob’s Red Mill GF Chocolate cake that kind of tasted like ass (I was so disappointed in this cake mix.)


It was my boss’ birthday and he requested chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. He told me to go ahead and get a GF cake so I can eat too. I have baked for them before so when I offered to make it myself, he was thrilled. The cake … well, let’s just say I didn’t really like it. I stayed up until close to midnight to make it, and was so upset when I realized I was going to have to buy a cake after all. At least the cream cheese frosting was good.


I called Whole Foods Tuesday morning and asked them to hold a chocolate cake with no frosting for me. There was no way I was letting that frosting go to waste! My co-workers loved it. I ate the GF cake. Even the frosting didn’t cover up the aftertaste. Boo.

FYI-the best GF cake mix I’ve found so far is Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten Free Dreams. I made this for my birthday and everyone loved it.


Tuesday I got a call from D telling me he was driving out to look at a Jeep he’d been researching online. 2 hours later, after he told me he wasn’t sure if he liked it, I got a text: I bought it.  Needless to say we spent Tuesday night driving it around.


Oh boys and their stuff.

Wednesday and Thursday we spent in Old Town with D’s friend from college. He’s a lot of fun and it’s always a good time when we see him. We had dinner at this place called Bilbo Baggins and I ordered the vegetarian platter: wild mushroom polenta, yukon gold mashed potatoes, portabella mushroom, spinach, butternut squash, asparagus spears, broccoli rabe and sundried tomato tapenade


Everything on here was excellent except for the squash. It had vinegar in it and the flavors didn’t blend well together for me.

Friday and Saturday consisted of me walking around like a zombie, a trip to Eastern Market (the oldest continuous fresh food public market in DC-136 years!) and a game of Apples to Apples with my neighbors.  It was my first time playing and I won! I had never heard of it before but it was pretty fun.


Enjoy your Sunday!!


  1. Congrats on being a jeep owner! And apples to apples is so fun. Esp when there are drinks involved.