Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Keeping my mind busy

When I start getting that “I want to munch on something” feeling an hour after I ate, I know more than likely it’s because I’m bored. There are two times of the day when this happens: after lunch and after dinner. After lunch I feel like I could eat a horse (it may be because I work out on my lunch hour and eat shortly after) and when I’m at home sitting on my couch reading/writing blogs. Makes sense right?

I can find a way to keep my mind busy at work by getting up and taking a quick walk around the building. Chances are, I’ll come back to my desk ready to roll. If that doesn’t work, I will actually stand at my desk while I’m working. I’ll take a call while I’m standing, respond to emails standing, etc. This leads me to doing paperwork that I put off because my lack of motivation seems to decrease while I’m on my feet. My co-workers are done with asking me what the hell I’m doing since I’m either doing or eating something strange.

Oh, and cinnamon Puffins rock my world.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch ain’t got nothin’ on you Puffins. Cap’n Crunch doesn’t either. (I think the original flavor tastes a lot like Cap’n Crunch) If you haven’t tried either, you must. They’re wheat free and they taste like heaven.

Do you have tricks to keep away from mindless eating?

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  1. I used to chew chewing gum but it's so bad for my stomach that i've recently stopped. Now, I go for a herbal tea or just give in to the mindless eating :)