Monday, March 15, 2010

I hate that commercial!

That Filet-O-Fish commercial annoys the crap out of me. Seriously. I was minding my own business walking down the hallway at work and I heard the a vibrating noise…then the song…and a few people laughing. I turned around and it was a guy who actually had the song as his ringtone. I almost threw up.

That song sucks.

Anyway, I promised a review of my homemade coconut butter, and here it is.

I found it on HEAB’s blog. I knew I had to try it only because it is SO expensive to buy. It’s around $10 a jar!

Stage 1: Food processor

I measured out about 1 cup of  Organic Medium Shredded Unsweetened Coconut (thanks Dennis for running around Wegman’s to find this for me!) and put it in the food processor. I left it on for about 3 or 4 minutes.


Step 2: Coffee grinder

The consistency was still a little rough, so I thought the coffee grinder would help. It was the perfect machine for what I needed. I didn’t want to use the blender since I wasn’t making that much, so the coffee grinder was the perfect size.


I only had to blend it in the coffee grinder for a few seconds to get it to perfection.


Check it out. It’s smooth but still has a slight coconutty feel to it.


(In the jar) You ca see that it’s still a little smooth. What I liked about this was that it’s never too hard. I don’t need to warm it up or fight with it to get a spoonful of it out. It’s not too sweet, not too plain, and I think it’s actually BETTER than the Artisana coconut butter. I will be making it on my own from now on thank you very much.

I have to thank HEAB and CD for this recipe, but I also have to thank Dennis’s sister Chris for getting me on the coconut kick. I’ve always loved coconut, but when Dennis got sick a few years ago, Chris sent us a jar of organic raw coconut oil. She explained why it was good for us and that we should give it a try. Dennis hates coconut, so the jar was all mine. Ever since, I’ve used coconut oil over any other type of fat about 90% of the time. So when HEAB had a jar of coconut BUTTER on her blog I knew I had to try it. They are both very different but both oh-so-good. Yum.


  1. Wow that looks cool. What do you eat it with/on?

  2. So glad you enjoyed your teff. I have several bags now that I can't wait to plow through. Definitely going to have to check out my Harris Teeter when I run low.

    Your coconut butter looks amazing - so creamy! Who needs Artisana? It's $!2 a jar here! Gotta remember the coffee grinder trick. Brilliant Nicole!

  3. S Enman-
    I eat coconut butter on top of steamed veggies and sweet potatoes, sometimes I spread it on toast and sprinkle with cinnamon as a dessert. You can even use it as frosting!

  4. Wow, versatile! I can't believe it's not in more stores!

  5. Hahah I can't stand that commercial either, but just because it gets stuck in your head and NEVER GOES AWAY. Damn fish.