Sunday, July 19, 2009

No pics, just words

I’ve been so tired today. I haven’t wanted to do anything but lay around and take naps, even though it was gorgeous outside today. I did, however,  manage to force myself out of the house to FINALLY get my swim on.

I only swam 12 laps (one lap being over and back) and it took me about 20 minutes. It felt nice being in the water but my swollen foot problem bothered me and I seemed to have aggravated an old shoulder injury as well. I pulled my shoulder out of socket lifting about 8 years ago and every so often my entire arm will get tingly for a day or two. If I sleep on it wrong it will hurt me for the next day as well.
I felt good while I was swimming otherwise, but since my foot and shoulder hurt I thought it would be best for me to stop while I was ahead.

I’m not sure how far I actually swam, how many calories I burned or anything like that but man I was starving after I swam, and I’ve been exhausted all day. It’s funny because I ran a 15K last Sunday and was up and going all day afterwards and never felt drained or tired, but today I swim for 20 minutes and I feel like I ran a marathon. Weird. But now I’ve challenged myself with something new so I’m going to keep at it.

And now I’m going to hit the sack. Short and sweet but only because I can’t keep my eyes open!

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