Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crazy Fridays

Aren’t Fridays supposed to be fun? You know, the day that everyone wants to take it easy since they’re already preparing for the weekend? HA! I ran my ass off yesterday at work. Literally.
I was not happy that I ended up walking about 4 miles since my foot (Thanks Caitlin, by the way, for your comment about my foot. I will not run until it goes away!) has been bothering me. I wanted to stay off it and give it a rest but when work calls, you have to do it. I walked all over campus from appointment to appointment and by the time I got home I knew I worsened the damage. So today I’ll be taking it as easy as possible.

I’m getting a hair cut today…and a much needed one at that. I’ve been trying to grow it long for years and it gets to just about the point that it’s at now ( just past my shoulders) when i start feeling like I need to chop it off. However, my hairdresser Andrea knows I want to let it grow so she keeps me in check. I go to Raina’s Hair Design in Revere, MA. It’s an Aveda salon but much cheaper than the ones in downtown Boston because, well, it’s not downtown. And my girl Andrea rocks. No one has cut my hair as well as she has. And since the salon is only one mile from my apartment it’s super convenient. Too bad I can’t walk there today….stupid foot.

After my crazy day at work I came home to wonderful smells flowing outside our windows. Dennis was making arroz con pollo for dinner. I LOVE that he loves to cook, and I especially love that he loves to cook Puerto Rican dishes that my mom makes. He does an awesome job and I don’t have to do it! Nice!


I was starving when I got home at 6 and when I smelled what was cooking I was so excited to eat! However, I had to wait until after 8 because he had just started the process when I got home. Bummer. So I was even MORE hungry when it was time to pile the food on my plate…hence this monster pile of rice and chicken (and avocado…can’t have Arroz con Pollo without avocado!!)
Needless to say I was full halfway through. But it was so worth waiting for!!

After dinner he wanted ice cream but I was just waaayy too full for it. Instead, I went with him and got a bite sized tiramisu.

IMG_2360   IMG_2361

Times two. They were really good but literally one bite each. They were just what I needed and so good! Perfect way to end an awesome dinnah.

After my haircut I’m going to hang out with a friend who just had her wisdom teeth pulled. She was so good to me when Dennis had his surgery last November that I knew I had to make sure to spend some time with her in her time of need. It’s kind of cloudy and overcast today so I’m assuming a movie will be in order.

Oh and if I decide to chop my hair, I’ll let you know. HA!

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