Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Today is a wonderful day for the US of A and I am very grateful to be here, in this country, to celebrate how it all began. (well, you know, minus all the attacking of the Native Americans and those damn English trying to take over everything)

So yesterday Dennis and I decided to go see Public Enemies with Johnny Depp (love him!) I will admit it wasn’t my idea…I’m not one to choose going to see a movie in the middle of the day. But it worked out perfect since we had thunderstorms the entire time. And the movie was great! Johnny Depp rocks.

Before the movie I made a kick ass salad, as I mentioned yesterday, that was inspired by my lunch on Thursday at John Harvard’s in Harvard Square. I made it my own but most of it was the same. I present you with this:


This was a salad that rocked my socks off.

  • I started out with a clean plate and slathered on about 1/4 cup of hummus on the bottom
  • Then I washed (!) some baby spinach and arugula and topped it on top of the hummus
  • I marinated 1/2 cup of lentils with some balsamic vinaigrette and microwaved it for 1 minute, then added them to the greens along with the rest of my asparagus
  • Then I chopped up a half of a haas avocado and sprinkled it on with some goat cheese

Holy hell was this salad tasty! Doesn’t it look pretty??

IMG_2190  IMG_2193

However….my stomach was screwed up for the rest of the day. Even this morning I’m still not feeling 100%. I am still trying to figure out if it’s spinach that makes me sick or what. The salad was awesome and I will eat it again, but I might have to try not to use the spinach next time to see if that’s what the problem is. I hate not being able to eat greens! I love broccoli but I get sick from that too.

I didn’t eat again until after 10:00 (9 1/2 hours later) because I felt so crappy. But on the bright side I finally got myself a bathing suit! I went to Sports Authority after the movie and picked one out. Finally. And I got the funny looking goggles and cap to go along with it. Yay! I’m not sure if my gym is open today though.

This morning I made an oatmeal pancake. I don’t usually take pictures of my breakfasts anymore because they’re always the same: either regular oats, overnight oats, oatmeal pancake, or Kashi waffles. But this time my pancake was extra kick ass.


I used an entire small banana and 3 strawberries to top off this bad boy, along with some PB and 2% Greek Yogurt.

what a beautiful sight (and that straggler of a banana)

I could barely finish it but it was really good. Now I’m going to either go for a nice walk. Hopefully the gym is open and I can swim! YAY!

Happy 4th everyone. Enjoy your day and your lovely BBQs.

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