Saturday, July 11, 2009

My race is tomorrow!!!

OK so I should be sleeping but I’m way too excited to sleep. I’m trying to get everything prepared for the race, including my breakfast, my running outfit, and directions for my mom and Dennis’ parents (I’ll finally have fans!)
The girls I’m running with decided to be so kind and throw a pasta party, so my niece Bianca and I went over there for a nice whole wheat pasta with salad and pie dinner. It was very yummy!! Stacey was awesome for having us all over. 
I’ll be honest, I wanted pizza…but how can you turn down a nice dinner with friends preparing for such a fun event!? I’m really glad I went. Sometimes I forget how good a simple dinner of pasta and salad can be.

IMG_2227  IMG_2228

And the pie got eaten sans picture. We were all gabbing (girls? really?) and I ate it without even thinking.

After dinner I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed for my breakfast. Since the race starts at 8 and it’s an hour away, we are meeting at 5 am to get there with plenty of time to get where we need to be.
I have decided that the best breakfast for me (after all my Sunday morning long runs) will be 2 Kashi Go Lean waffles with plain Chobani, PB, and banana. I will have to eat this on the way to the race since we’ll be leaving at 5, so this will be tricky. So here’s my spread:

IMG_2229  IMG_2231

My breakfast and my running outfit. How ‘bout that pink carpet huh? When we moved into this house I LOVED pink. This is the carpet in my old bedroom. I’ve told my mom millions of times she needs to get rid of it! So 90s!!

Tomorrow I will be sure to come back and fill you all in on how I did. I’m sure you can’t wait!! I will also be posting some pictures of my hometown and the beautiful countryside of upstate NY.

Wow I’m really excited!!

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