Friday, September 25, 2009

What is healthy?

Is it a relative term?
Sometimes I think it is.

Healthy isn’t just about food. I think people take this word to be less than what it is. People think being healthy means being thin and looking good. Or not being sick. Or eating well and exercising. But there is much more to it than that.

Last night I had a hard time sleeping. It was hot in our room and my nose was stuffed. I got up to blow my nose, and I noticed the start of a late night infomercial featuring Jack LaLanne and his while Elaine promoting his juicer. I started watching the show more of of fascination of LaLanne’s impeccable health at 94 years old than anything else. The man is a a machine! And he still works out for 2 hours a day everyday.  That’s right folks, 2 hours a day EVERYDAY. Damn. Now that’s healthy! Or is it?

What I think we overlook with being “healthy” are things that don’t include food and exercise. How about flossing? Do you know how important flossing daily is? Flossing keeps nasty bacteria from forming on your teeth and getting into your system internally. You can get some serious bacterial diseases from having bad teeth. Flossing is healthy; as is regular brushing and rinsing. Check out the TheraBreath toothpaste and rinse starter kit from Dr. Katz. I swear by this stuff. It’s a little pricey but it works. It not only keeps your breath fresh all day long, but it’s made with natural ingredients. (Tip: I order them from Amazon. I only buy the toothpaste and the rinse and it costs me about $25 a month. You can also get them at CVS or, I hate to say it, Wal Mart.) My sister got me into it a few years ago. I ran out of it a few weeks ago so lately, I’ve been using regular Crest toothpaste and Listerine.  Also, are you checking your breasts every month ladies? (Men too)

Being healthy also includes mental health. Are we really healthy if we’re just eating right and exercising but mentally a mess? No. I’ve written about it before but being healthy includes balance. I’m still working on achieving balance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not UNhappy. I’m just not in total balance since I’m not working. But that will change soon.

Going outside and getting fresh air. Taking five minutes to listen to your favorite song. Reading. Writing. Singing. Dancing. Eating. Drinking. Talking to your favorite person. These are all healthy things for the mind.  Obviously the list can continue, but you get the idea.

On to dinner.

Dennis and I have been trying to figure out where the best and closest grocery stores are from our house. Luckily found that we actually have a lot to choose from. While out we passed by some spaghetti squash and Dennis said he wanted to try it. I was thrilled. I give to you, eggplant parmesan with spaghetti squash. Yum.

I was really hungry when I loaded on the squash but I didn’t finish it all. It was really good. And Dennis liked it!! Yay!!
I cut the squash in half and baked it for 35 minutes, then scraped out the seeds, then went to town with my fork on the flesh.
And yes, I did fry the eggplant. I dipped the eggplant in egg and flour and fried them in olive oil, then I baked them for 30 minutes with marinara sauce and some fresh parmesan cheese. Very yummy. Next time I will try just grilling the eggplant. I need to get a grill first though…haha

Tomorrow I am so excited to finally get the chance to check out the gym. It’s less than 2 miles away so I can run there, transfer my membership, lift some weights, and run back. I’m so glad I don’t have to get in my car to drive there if I don’t want to. I really need to get a bike…and maybe a Jack LaLanne juicer…


  1. I'm so glad you're settling into your new home! That spag squash din din looks delish.

    We miss you in Boston! :-)

  2. Very thoughtfull post on fitness. It should be very much helpfull

    Karim - Mind Power