Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We made it!

(This is the original version of my post from yesterday. My Windows Live Writer is fixed!!! YAY!)

I’ve been out of commission for the past week with our move to VA. Finally I’m back on board. I have too much to tell so I’ll try to do it with pictures.

In the past week we’ve:

  • Packed up and had all of our stuff moved to our new place
  • Driven to NY to spend a few days with family and friends
  • Drugged up our kitties to make for an easier drive (which worked like a charm but was quite interesting)
  • Got back on the road to drive down to our new place in VA
  • Fought with the receptionist at the management office in our new development (she’s not nice!)
  • Found that some of our stuff broke in the moving truck on the way down
  • Shopped at the most GHETTO Giant food market ever
  • Also shopped at the largest Target store we’ve ever seen (it’s literally the size of a small mall)

On Saturday I went on an AWESOME run with my friend Ann. We set out to run 5 miles and before we knew it, were already past the five mile point. We felt so good that we kept going for another mile and a half! She has a Nike+Sport band which tracked everything out for us. Our stats:


Our fastest pace was something like 8:05 (I have to ask her to send that to me too) but our average pace was 9:09. Not bad for someone who had to take 7 weeks off to recover from my stress fracture! (Thanks Ann!! You ROCK!)
I more than needed that run. Moving is very stressful and it just wears on your body. I was having the most difficult time sleeping because I was so stressed/worried/anxious but man, I passed right out last night! Phew!

Pics from our adventures:

  IMG_0382 IMG_0384
Fenway Park (left) Leaving Chelsea MA (right—the stupid bridge that always causes problems)

 IMG_0391 IMG_0390
Our drive to Norwich, NY and a drugged up kitty (licking his chops)

IMG_0407 IMG_0409
A run with Ann! A view of the main Street of Norwich NY

IMG_0408 IMG_0410
The Whole Foods store and movie theater in Norwich

IMG_0414  IMG_0412
And a visit with some friends at my favorite bar! (The Blarney Stone!) Check out the hot bartender!!

Tomorrow I’ll have some updates on life in our new city, and a review of my first time trying oat bran (thanks HEAB!!) and tiny bananas. Stay tuned!

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