Friday, September 4, 2009

We’re moving! (again…)

washington dc 

Well, not exactly to DC, but Dennis got a job in northern VA so we’re moving to the “DC Area.” He starts on the 21st so we have to go soon. I’m taking a trip down for a few days to find us a place to live and I’m really excited about the move. It’s been great in Boston, but we’re ready for a change. It’s about time!

I leave tomorrow. I’m stopping at my sister’s in the Newburgh, NY area to spend the night and then Sunday I’ll make the drive to Fairfax, VA, which is where my hotel is. I’ll be there until Thursday so I’ll be posting plenty of pictures and sharing my hella-power visit to the area. I’m DETERMINED to leave there with a northern VA address.

My downstairs neighbors (slash ex-co-workers slash ex-college classmate) left today to move to California and before they left they gave me a bottle of wine. (he he he) Check it out:
Yankee Girl! That’s ME! Dennis rolled his eyes, of course, as any Red Sox fan would…
But I thought it was AWESOME! I haven’t opened it yet. It’s from a vineyard in western MA called Hardwick Vineyard and Winery. I’ve never been there but these ladies are major wine people and have served me some of the best wines I’ve ever tasted. They also gave me a dry white wine from the same vineyard and I really liked it (and I don’t really care for white) In fact, I had some of it today with my awesome sushi dinnah.


I’ve heard that some places will make your sushi with brown rice if you ask them to, but I always forget. Not today. I had a California roll and a salmon avocado roll in brown rice and they were fabulous.



I’m off to start getting stuff ready for my trip to NOVA (gotta learn the lingo) but I will be posting from the road. Happy Labor Day weekend!

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