Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowed in

I’m really behind. I have a few recipes to share and a few photos of the “Blizzard of ‘09.”
We’re from upstate NY so 18 inches of snow isn’t an issue for us, but to those south of the Mason-Dixon line, it’s a big deal. I don’t even want to start getting into the insanity we experienced driving to the grocery store this morning…people stuck in the middle of the roads trying to turn into their driveways/parking lots, groups of people walking in the middle of the streets because the sidewalks were non-existent. The busses weren’t running so people were just wandering around like mad. We even got flagged down by a man who almost got hit by a car trying to walk home, so we gave him a ride.

I’ve never seen this much craziness from a snowstorm before, but I’ve always lived in the north so I guess it’s to be expected. I went for a really long walk, which was an awesome workout for my legs. Nothing was shoveled, so I spent a lot of time pushing my way through the snow. I ran through the really high parts as well.

snow pic highway snow pic parking lot

The first picture shows I-395 in the distance. As you can see, it was empty. And the picture of me below, I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of layers I had on. It was 25 degrees out and really windy! I don’t know how I was able to move!

snow pic tree snow pic me

I had so much fun walking around in this snow. I actually met a couple walking their dog that grew up near us in upstate NY. Also, they live in our townhouse development. Sweet! I made some friends!


I was fumbling around and came across a recipe for cauliflower rice and thought immediately that I had to try it. What I made was the coolest version of a Chipotle’s burrito that I’ve ever had. Period.

I introduce to you the Cauliflower burrito (for the low carb people in your life)

cauliflower rice fajita 1 cauliflower rice wrap

Holy cow this was GOOD. I mean, lick your lips and stop talking while you’re eating because it’s so good good. I couldn’t believe I was eating cauliflower instead of rice. I’ve made this twice already in the past week and will definitely continue to make it again.

cauliflower rice 3 cauliflower rice fajita 2

Click here for the recipe.

Also, for Slow Cooker Sunday I made another pot of Split Pea Soup. Check this bad boy out:

split pea soup 1 split pea soup 2

I used a combination of yellow and green lentils, as well as a carrot, onion and celery base.

Oh, and to make your life easier:

Trader Joe’s sells Mirepoix for soups. It’s so much better/easier than chopping up your own carrots, celery and onions.

Trader Joe's Mirepoix

Trader Joe’s also sells frozen avocados. I used them in my burritos above. You get 4 halves for $1.99. What a steal!

Trader Joe's avocado halves
They don’t have as much flavor as a fresh avocado, but they’re still pretty good. I would recommend buying them just to have them in your freezer.

I’ll have more for you tomorrow including a new kick-ass pancake recipe and fun with dark chocolate. And I will also share how I’ve been making the gym more tolerable. It’s really been a crazy week!

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