Monday, December 14, 2009

The most dreaded Blue Screen

It started with my car.

So when I woke up Sunday morning bright and early as I always do ready to rock and roll with some blog reading and writing, I was devistated when I saw the blue screen of death to my computer.

"An error occured and Windows has been shut down..." blah blah blah

You know the message. Unless you own a MAC in which case, you're just laughing at me.
It's not all my fault though. I wanted a Mac but I'm too poor to buy one. This computer is Dennis' hand me down Dell Inspiron 6000. It's only 4 years old so it's not OLD (well, in computer time it's old) but still!

After spending the entire day letting Dennis run tests on it, he had to reboot the entire system at around 11 p.m. last night (that's how long it took for all the "tests" to run. UGH I HATE WINDOWS)

Now I have to wait until I can call Comcast to see if I can get back online and then try to go through and retrieve my saved files from my backup drive. I really hope it works or else Dennis and I are going to be back to fighting over what's more important: Blogging or Fantasy Sports.

I will be back later with an update on my Slow Cooker meal of the week (cooking as we speak!) And how I dealt with using the Dreadmill for my Sunday long run.

Have a great day!

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