Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not again!

Yes folks, my car broke down again. On the highway, of course, in rush hour traffic, of course. I called AAA and handled it like a pro. It overheated….again….so I’m just waiting until tomorrow to hear what’s up.


This is not my car but this is what it looked like. And can you believe that a cop actually had the nerve to come and ask me what I was doing (you didn’t see my flashing lights? Maybe that’s an indication that something’s wrong??) And when I said I was broken down he said, “What, did you run out of gas or something?”

After biting my tongue-hard-I said, “No I didn’t run out of gas. The smoke that’s coming out of my hood would mean I’m overheating.”

He looked at the hood and made a face like he didn’t see it (???) and then said, “Well ma’am, I’m going to have to let someone know you’re here because this is a pretty dangerous area to be. Good luck ma’am.”

First of all, I hate being called “Ma’am.” I do realize it’s a southern thing…I just don’t like it. It makes me feel old.

Secondly, yes I know it’s dangerous. It’s the freaking highway. Next time, I’ll try to plan it better.

Thirdly, why can’t you just hang out here and be sure nobody hits me? Why do you have to ride off into the sunset and call someone else for help?  And no other cop came back to protect me. I was saved by the AAA man.

Luckily I was able to get it to my mechanic, where Dennis’s vehicle was waiting for me to drive home. He had some work done on it this week so it worked out perfect…for now.

Hmmm what else happened to me today? OH. I went for a run outside this morning since it was gorgeous out today, and took a wrong turn. So a quick 30 minute run turned into a 65 minute run and a ride back to work  from the concierge team at the Westin hotel. Awesome!


Is it 5 p.m. on Friday yet???

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