Sunday, April 11, 2010

10 down…version one

I’ve neglected you all. I’m so sorry. I’ve been kind of off all week, suffering from allergies with the insane amounts of pollen that has been floating around, so all of my energy has gone into work.

But today, today was a good day. The Cherry Blossom 10 miler that I’ve been babbling on about for the past five months has come and gone – I can’t believe it’s over already!

Since I didn’t bring my camera, I don’t have any pictures…yet…my friend and Bri and her friends took some pictures so I have to wait until they email me. But I wanted to pass along my thoughts on the race.


First, there was a massive amount of people running this race…which would have been fine if there was enough space to accommodate everyone. I spent the first half of the race dodging people…running up on the curbs and sidewalks and in the grass trying to get around people. I know this is normal but it’s very frustrating, especially since sometime around mile 4 I twisted my ankle trying to stop short for someone who wouldn’t let me get around them. Don’t worry, I’m OK, but I was nervous that it would swell up and get bad, especially since I had more than half the race left to go.

However things cleared up and I made it to the end injury free and feeling pretty strong.

The weather was perfect-75 and sunny. The crowd cheering us on was awesome. The course was beautiful-even though all the cherry blossoms were way past their bloom.

I’ll give you more of a full re-cap when I get some pictures…and a full night’s rest.