Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blown engine

Hi all. This will be short and sweet.

My car died again.

Picture it: 7:45 a.m. on I-495, my car decided it just didn’t want to go anymore. I could see my exit. I pressed the gas and Poof! Nothing. There was no shoulder so I stalled right in the middle of my lane, cars honking at me all pissed off, arms flailing everywhere. What was I supposed to do? Get out and push my car?

Luckily I stalled near a construction site. A worker saw me stall and pulled up about 200 feet behind me to re-route the traffic. He called the cops for me and the Virginia DOT pushed my car off to safety.

Now it’s in the shop again. My engine blew.

Son of a….

Tomorrow is my company holiday party. We’re going to a Washington Capital’s game with a sweet  (no pun intended) hookup in the owner’s suite (from what I understand anyway. Watch—it’s probably just some random person’s suite) Either way, it should be an awesome time.


There will be plenty of food and drink, and I will be the jackass looking for a fight to start on the ice. Hells yeah—that’s what a live hockey game is all about!!


  1. :( Stoopid car! I have had a car die on me in the middle of traffic too. It was really awesome. Time for a new chariot perhap?.
    Hockey games are all about the fights!!
    Have fun :)

  2. I'm sorry about your car. That's got to be an awful feeling stalling in the middle of traffic where there is nobody to help you. People can be such idiots. Like you would inconvenience them purposely.