Friday, October 9, 2009

One big pissed off Gato

Poor Marley.

(no my camera isn’t fixed. These are from my cell phone. BOO)

A few days ago I found a bald patch on his leg the size of a quarter. After giving it some time to see how it would heal, we noticed it was getting a little funky so we knew a trip to the vet was due.

First of all, he’s a big cat. There’s no doubt about that. However, getting him into his cat carrier is never a problem. Usually he’s so interested in anything new that he walks right into it so he can see what’s going on. This time, he was not a happy kitty. He did NOT want to come out from under the bed.

I tried using treats, food, more treats, more food…nothing would get him out. He was like, “Oh hell no…not again!” We have put these guys through a lot in the past month so I’m not surprised that he was so hesitant. After seeing him poke his head out from under the bed to scope out the treats I left, I scooped his large behind up and shoved him in the carrier. (After a few minutes of wrestling with him and listening to him hiss at me)

This vet also talked to me about his weight issues. Good thing is, he’s lost 1.2 pounds since April. YAY Marley!! Bad thing is, he still has 6 more pounds to go. And he has to wear this cone type thing for 2-3 weeks while his wound heals.

Dylan didn’t like what he saw when he came home either. He growled, hissed and swatted at him all night. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break. Dylan—less than half of Marley’s size –wouldn’t let him under the bed to sleep. He’s just miserable. Poor guy.

This is Marley in our bedroom closet lying on our dirty clothes bag. It’s the only place Dylan will let him hide.

Happy Friday everyone. I have to try to get my camera fixed and get outside to enjoy this beautiful day.


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