Sunday, October 4, 2009

Off all week

This week has been on and off for me since I’ve been feeling like I’ve been fighting the flu. It started out with five days of an upset stomach and achy back and turned into the past four days of a massive headache. It’s strange too because the symptoms have been on and off – as in I was waking up feeling bad, then feeling better as the day progressed, and now I wake up feeling great and the headache gets progressively worse throughout the day. Weird. So I decided to take the last few days off from blogging to give my brain a rest. And honestly, I really haven’t had much to talk about, which is very abnormal if you know me.

I haven’t done anything great this week except for run a fabulous 10K in lieu of the race I didn’t run yesterday (I felt like garbage so I decided to skip out.) The run was nice. I ran at around a 10 minute mile pace which I was fine with. I didn’t want to push myself too hard since I’ve been “off” all week. We’ve had absolutely gorgeous weather this week so I made sure not to let the weekend slip me by without at least one run..especially since we wasted at least an hour of our day yesterday at Ikea. That place is one massive marketing scheme. They give you only one way out, forcing you to walk through the entire warehouse and pass the checkout line before you can leave. Tricky bastards. Somehow we managed to get out of there unscathed and empty handed.

October is shaping up to be a great month with postseason baseball, a friend’s 30th birthday party and a possible 10K. I also have some amazing meals planned and I can’t wait to share them all with you. Let’s just say my Crock Pot will be getting some good use this month, and so will my oven. I absolutely love this time of year—from this time through Christmas, I’m one happy girl.

Random picture of the day:


Come get your hairs done at Dana’s Hairs. Hey, Dennis thought it was funny too…

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