Thursday, November 26, 2009

My own Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving fun)

We stayed home for Thanksgiving this year since we just moved and Dennis has to work tomorrow. Bummer. However, not having to fight the traffic was a big positive to that. So was making our own Thanksgiving dinner.

Dennis and I made a great dinner two years ago and decided to replicated it again this year. He did most of the work brining and making a turkey breast, corn bread stuffing, and whipped sweet potatoes with bananas and honey. Dennis outdid himself. Those sweet potatoes were awesome!


I made a pumpkin pie with crust from scratch and cranberry sauce. (my pumpkin pie rocks, and it deserves a page of its own…I’ll have to give you a recipe on that soon, along with my kick ass homemade crust…not to toot my own horn or anything..)



And we used the turkey platter that my mom gave me.


Being that Thanksgiving is not the same when your family isn’t around, it can get a little lonely, but we made the best of it with good food, good wine and of course, football!!!

And our kitties. They’re our family too!

I started out the day with my own Turkey Trot. Due to budgetary reasons, I decided that paying to run a Turkey Trot  is an unnecessary purchase. We’ve dropped close to $800 on my car in the last 2 weeks, so yeah, the $35 for the race was out of the question. Remember, I just started a new job! I have to be smart about things. (sigh)
So, I decided to run my own turkey trot. 8.5 miles in the foggy mist of Alexandria, VA.

However, this run was my first on a “liquid diet.” If you read my last post, you noticed that I’ve been having stomach issues after running. Upon the great advice from my fellow blog friends I decided to make a smoothie before I set out for my run this morning.

  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup unsweetened soy
  • a little bit of coffee (caffeine is a must)

I decided that since this was only about 140 calories to bring some raisins with me to eat in case I needed the fuel. I ate a handful of the raisins toward the end of my run but I did feet great for most of the run. The only problem I had was MAJOR heartburn. I’ve had the heartburn all day. I did run at a pretty decent pace; 8.50 miles, 1:16:37, with an average pace of 9:01, but I need to tweak what I drink a little to ward off the heartburn. I didn’t get bloated, but the heartburn really sucked. Especially on Thanksgiving.

However, I am grateful to have been able to run. I’m also grateful for my wonderful dinner, my cats, my job, my health, my family and of course, Dennis and his health. It’s been a tough year but things are getting better.

I’m off to finish watching football. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad to hear that you didn't have any bloating but the heartburn is kind weird. Maybe from the caffeine? Great job on the speedy run!

  2. Yummy looking dinner chica!! We had a housefull here this year. So nice to see everyone . . . but so much work . . . phew!
    I get heartburn when I run sometimes too. It could be from the coffee. You'll have to keep experimenting 'til you come up with your best pre-run fuel.