Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday morning blues

Thank God for coffee and HEAB’s wonderful oatmeal in a PB jar concoction.


Being able to scrape up all the peanut butter from the sides of the jar is the best part!

I had a late night last night. I spent the entire day cleaning the new place-and boy did I clean. I scrubbed the bathtub so hard that I ended up with bloody knuckles. I used so much bleach that I made myself sick with the fumes and ended up on the couch at 7:30 feeling like poop. Then, at around 11:00, I got a phone call from my mother, in hysterics, from the hospital.
She’s OK, don’t worry. She slipped and fell in some mud and broke her ankle at a friend’s 30th birthday party, and no one was sober enough to transport her to and from the hospital (she went in an ambulance.) I’m 300 miles away, so all I could do was try calling people to help her. Since the people that were awake were drunk  and at the party, and my other friends who weren’t drunk were sleeping and have little kids, and there were NO taxis available (What??!!) she stayed in the hospital until someone was sober enough to bring her home in the morning. Soooo needless to say I didn’t have a great night last night.


She’s finally home and in her own bed and some of her friends have already come over to clean her house and cook her some food. We’re working on a plan to be sure she’s not alone for too long. Can our summer get any crazier?

On to the foot update:
I’m really happy to report that my foot feels great! I know I still need to take it easy so I plan to use the elliptical and weight train today, and then I will try to figure out a workout plan for the week that will include some more running (but not TOO much.)
I’m really excited to be able to add running back into my life—although I will admit that I was still able to stay in pretty good shape without it. I used the elliptical, lifted weights, and walked a lot while I was injured and was still able to maintain my strength and run my first 5K back with some decent speed. All the while without being in any pain, so I might have to use this as a wake up call. Do I want to give up running? No. But maybe 10Ks might have to become my new race distance. We’ll see how I do within the next few weeks. Remember, this is only a test.

I’m off. Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. how much did I love reading that you were able to stay in shape with weights and elliptical and take a running break :)

    SO GLAD the foot is healed and SO GLAD youre smart about listening to your bod.

    a fellow HEAB lover,