Friday, August 28, 2009

First run back

Through all the moving and climbing up and down three flights of stairs, (only to haul everything back down again two days later…ugh!) my foot went through a major test that I honestly expected it to fail. I was so worried that after carrying heavy boxes up and down the stairs that I would be in pain for a while, but surprisingly (and thankfully) I was not. I gave myself a full day of recovery, moved some stuff down yesterday and felt so good today that I decided it was time to give running a chance.

And boy did I need it. Moving is stressful!

I laced up my Nike Air Pegasus (my favs) and set out for a 5K run. Knowing that it had been more than 6 weeks that I’ve been able to run, I figured a 5K would be the perfect distance—not too long, but not too short. Like Goldilocks….juuuuuust right.

I started out slow just to be sure I’d have the stamina to get me there. Honestly, since I never stopped working out, the 10 minute mile pace I started out running felt way too slow for me. So I turned it up—and ended up running my first run back since the injury in 27:57—8 minute, 50 second miles. Did I just run my first run back from being injured in sub 9 minute miles? Yes. Yes I did. And I feel awesome.

I paid attention to my foot the entire time and would not have been afraid to stop if I felt I was aggravating it. I ended my run on a sprint, then slowed it down for a five minute cool down, then I walked for five more minutes just to be sure everything was working. As soon as I came home I iced it and honestly, I really feel great. It’s definitely something that will take some time to heal completely (it’s not pain, it’s not tender, but there’s still something there that reminds me I’m not exactly 100%) but it’s good enough to slowly start adding some mileage. Tomorrow will be another test…if the foot hurts or aches at all tomorrow, I will go back to strictly using the elliptical for another few weeks, but I’m really hoping I won’t need to.

On a food note, I accidentally bumped into those Mary’s Gone Crackers that I’ve been reading about. I have to say that I think these will definitely be my replacement for my saltine crack-er addiction.


Check out these stats:

Now I just have to stop eating my graham crackers and Nutella…well, maybe not the Nutella…
I actually tried to eat Nutella on a slice of toasted cinnamon raisin Ezekiel Bread figuring it’s much more natural than the graham cracker, but it was too sweet for my taste. I really need to knock the graham cracker kick though because I just looked at the ingredients and wow are they full of crap. Now if I could just find some Mary’s Gone Crackers graham cracker replacement…


  1. Oh i am so with you on the graham cracker addiction! What brand do you buy? PS. Moving sucks-- I'll be doing that Sunday.. so not looking forward to loading in all the boxes..

  2. Hey girl! I buy the Nabisco low fat cinnamon honey ones. They're so good. Ugh-have fun moving. Hopefully your new place has an elevator!