Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marathon Mondy and Strawberry Scones

Ok, so watching the marathon made me want to run one badly. They showed a 72 year old woman at the starting line. I don't know if she finished though...
Anyway watching the marathon was fun...especially this year's! The women's race was so close!

I was feeling kind of tired from the 5K and the hour and half walk I took on Sunday so I decided to stay away from the gym Monday, but yesterday (Tuesday) made sure to get up and run my 5 miles. After my race on Saturday I realized that I start out running way too fast and then burn out at the end, so I decided to start out my 5 mile run much slower. This actually worked against me. I paced myself at a 9:45 pace but couldn't get myself to push it as fast as I normally can. I was really disappointed because I felt as if I was running much slower than normal...but whatever, I finished the run in 47:30. Oh and I forgot to refresh my deodorant! How embarrassing!
My goal is to run about 3 miles tomorrow and then a nice long 6 miler on Saturday. I'm going home this weekend and have already found a run buddy (wow having someone to run with will be nice!)

And yes, I will definitely be home this weekend. I'm taking off tomorrow at staying at (my good friend) Keri's. It's supposed to be really freakin nice this weekend! In the 70s! And you better be SURE I'll be excited to be back in NY for a Yankees/Red Sox series. It's been a while since I've had people on my side.

Today I'll be making an appearance at the gym around lunchtime...hopefully it won't be as packed as it was yesterday!

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