Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I need a Camel Pack!

I decided to run outside since we New Englandahs (err, North Easterners? I don't thin I can consider myself a New Englander until I live here for 10 years or something like that...Oh well) aren't used to this warm weather so soon. I didn't realize how hot it was though and proceeded to run five miles without any water. Now, normally I wouldn't have done this. I run all the time without taking sips out of my bottle when I'm at the gym. I usually don't have to drink while I'm running (I know I know...) but today I learned my lesson. About halfway through my run I saw a bank clock that said it was 89*. "That's why I'm dying," I told myself, while trying to lick my lips. I basically turned around right at that point and decided I couldn't go any further. I still got the five miles in but it was a really tough run back home. I had a really hard time recovering too.
I usually don't run outside in this weather. So shame on me. So, although I wasn't exactly sure of my mileage, I ran for a total of 50:49 which I'm pretty confident means I made 5 miles. Then I crawled for the last two blocks back home.

After I calmed down and showered, we went grocery shopping. I got some awesome looking tomatoes and a 2 pound carton of strawberries that I can't wait to dig into!

I'm meeting an old co-worker for dinner tonight at The Barking Crab in South Boston. She's from San Francisco so I'm excited to have the chance to see her.
Cheers till then

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