Sunday, September 26, 2010

Football season does not have to equal fat season

I can’t explain to you how much fun having a Fantasy Football team is. I loved watching football before, but now I have something at stake with every game that’s played. There’s no money involved, just bragging rights, but it’s fun to talk smack and beat your opponent every week.

The only downside to football is the food that it’s associated with pizza, wings, and beer. And chips. And just plain old junk. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat any of that. 

How about a  99% fat free turkey burger with 3 bean salad wrapped in lettuce with avocado?



Ok, so I used cheese. It was completely unnecessary but it was kind of an accident (meaning Dennis put it on since  I didn’t tell him not to) 

Army 10 miler update:

I’m contemplating giving up my bib for this race. It’s not that I don’t think I can do it, it’s that I don’t really want to.  I missed a lot of running time this week due to severely annoying allergies, a lot of paperwork that kept me at my desk through lunch, traffic, and 85-90+ degree weather that kept me from running after work. I know, excuses excuses, but honestly I’m OK with it. I made sure to get out and walk at least 3 miles every day, so I feel OK physically.  If I can’t get in a good amount of miles this week, I’ll have to pass.

What about you—is it worth running a race if you’re not excited about it?

The only reason I ever started running races was because I loved doing it. I could never get enough of that feeling of exhilaration, but now all I feel is frustration and anxiety. Why force it?

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  1. There's a fine line between passion and addiction. Passion drives you whereas addiction drives you into the ground little by little. I'm not saying you're addicted to running or winning because I think you're a very passionate person who is also very competitive. I know you've entered races to bring awareness to the disease that, for all practical purposes, almost killed my brother. I'm not sure why you enter the other races but I'm sure you have met other runners and being able to share your passion with others who share it has probably led to opportunities to enter races. You've taken your passion and married it to the part of you that is driven to win. Both are excellent qualities to have. The problem begins when they stop being able to coexist. That fierce competitiveness has maybe taken over and buried those feelings of passion. I have never been able to temper my competitiveness and that's why things that I loved, and sports I loved to play became something I didn't want to engage in anymore. As I said, I think you are extremely competitive and driven to be the best. What the "best" is to you is something you only know I'm sure. If you are able to tweek the way your brain has been working and successfully find a way to run races without the high expectations you usually place on yourself then God bless you. You've found something I never could. Maybe you just need to take a long look at yourself and within yourself and discover what "winning" or achieving your self expectations really represents to you. What are you trying to accomplish by achieving that pinnacle or whose praise or you really seeking? What happens if you reach that pinnacle and decide it's an okay feeling but you could still get to a higher pinnacle. I may be totally misreading you also and, if so, I just wrote a book of nonsense. Regardless, I admire your competitiveness and whatever it is that drives you. If there's someone deep inside you who you maybe unconsciously are trying to please or win a word of praise from them just once, all I have to say is if you haven't proven yourself to that person or to anyone yet then you never will. You're smart, you're educated, you have great social skills, you are outgoing, you're pretty, and you have impeccable taste in men. ;) I hope you're able to work through this roadblock successfully. God bless.