Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Race for Hope and my lost mojo

Last weekend I ran in A Race for Hope here in Washington, DC to honor a high school friend who is recovering from a brain tumor.


It was awesome seeing familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in a while, and it made me miss home. Although I would never be happy living there again, it’s the people I miss the most.

The weather was HOT and HUMID. 90+ degrees and just sticky and gross does not make for perfect running conditions, but I was there to support a great cause. I figured I’d just run and see how it went.

My friend Maureen told me she was going to fly (her words precisely) and that her goal was to place for the honoree, so I didn’t expect to keep up with her. And I’m glad I didn’t try; she ran the 5K race in 21:06! She wasn’t kidding! She rocked it! 

The rest of the group walked. I honestly considered just walking to enjoy the time with everyone but I also thought it would be a good idea to see where I was speed-wise.

As soon as I started running I was thirsty. Why didn’t I bring anything to drink? Oh, because its a measly 5K! I think after training for this 1/2 marathon, I’ve been neglecting the importance of water on the short runs too.

Anyway, I ran my little heart out and PR’ed by 38 seconds with a time of 25:40. I was very proud of myself, even though I got smoked by Maureen. (Oh and while I was running my 5K, I realized that my Garmin is off. So all of those quick miles I’ve been running are very misleading. My Garmin said I ran 3.52 miles in 25:42 last weekend, and that I kept a  7:47 pace when in reality I ran 3.12 miles in 25:40 at an 8:16 pace. That’s a huge difference. So now I’m not even sure how far and how fast I’m actually running, which is kind of a pain in the ass. Not that I expected perfection but it’s decieving to think I’m running faster than I am.)

That was last Sunday. A week ago today. I have been fighting with myself to run (and blog) ever since.

I took Monday off because I was a little sore  from the race ( I can run 10 miles and be fine but be sore from a 5K??) and then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were struggles. Honestly, after the 5K, my foot was in a lot of pain. It felt like my stress fracture from last year. That was the number one reason for giving myself a day off. Tuesday I used the elliptical and did some core work and arm strength, and Wednesday I ran. And I struggled. Bad. I had no desire to be out there and I cursed myself out with every step I took.

I made it a point to run with a friend the next morning with the hopes that I’d change my tune. No such luck. I cursed and huffed and puffed, and we even took a few short walking breaks during our short 3 mile run. I had nothing in me. I don’t know what happened but I’ve completely lost my running mojo.

I don’t know what to do but I need to get it back and FAST. My 1/2 marathon is next month. I put so much energy and effort into training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and now I have nothing left. HELP! I need to get out of this funk!  Any ideas?


  1. First - congrats on the PR - what an awesome effort.
    Sorry to hear that your foot is playing up...try not to stress too much and listen to your body. If it is saying have a few days off - don't be afraid too....easier said than done...I know?
    Perhaps you could try a new running trail for inspiration?

  2. Oh I feel your pain chica! I struggled through 3 miles this AM with a sore knee. This is after a pretty breezy 20 miles a week ago Sat. When we have a bad day or two (especially after a pr) it just stinks. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a run or two. I have done quite a bit of cross training this spring and I have no regrets. You will rock the 1/2 I know it!

    Great job on that 5k!!!

  3. If you are seriously injured, take it easy. Your body is screaming to you to take it easy! And there's no shame if you decide not to do the 1/2 if you're injured. Seriously, sometimes we set these goals and we're so hell bent on achieving them that we don't let anything get in our way, even if we should sometimes. (OK, maybe that's just me...) But anyway, if you're not injured and just need a little inspiration, think back to why you even started running. What made you develop a love of it in the first place? If that doesn't work, buy a new workout outfit or pair of running shoes. Always does the trick. :-) Keep up the excellent work!!!!